Tern GEN2 HSD S11

Tern GEN2 HSD S11

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The HSD S11 is a fun compact e-bike from Tern with a motor-assisted speed of 28mph that is an excellent car replacement for your daily commute with plenty room for hauling cargo and can fit a child seat so you can take the little one with you!

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Stronger, Stiffer Frame

The HSD frame is now 15% stronger at the head tube and 39% at the bottom bracket. The enhanced stiffness means more stability under load, with less wobble or sway. A stiffer frame also means better handling, making it easier to maneuver in tight spaces, while helping to absorb vibrations and bumps on the road.

Heavy-Duty Rack Design

With a capacity rated to 80 kg (176 lb), the versatile HSD Atlas H Rack makes it easier to ride more and drive less. The rack easily fits a child seat, and is strong and spacious enough to accommodate an adult-passenger or larger cargo. Take on bigger tasks, carry larger passengers, and set off on more adventures.

Cargo-Carrying Versatility

Carry up to 20 kg (44 lb) of extra cargo by installing one of the many compatible cargo-carrying accessories onto the burly, frame-mounted Combo Mount. Switch between bags, baskets, and racks. Carry more cargo up front when there is a passenger behind. All cargo weight is carried by the frame, without interfering with steering.

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