The Urban Arrow Family Performance is a versatile cargo bike designed to provide families with a comfortable and efficient mode of transportation.

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Iconic design

You know what we’re really proud of? That after a decade of optimization, the design of the Urban Arrow Family cargo bike hasn’t changed that much. Of course we’ve tweaked, refined and improved it, but after all these years one thing remains the same: whether you’re rushing to school or going on a coffee run, with the Urban Arrow Family every ride is an adventure.

Safe and sound

Thanks to the three-point seatbelts and the EPP box (more like a large inverted helmet) you can always safely take your smallest passengers and luggage with you. The sturdy handlebar and low-road handling give you all the stability and control you need. Maneuvre between small roads or speed up on the bike lane. The Urban Arrow Family provides you optimal comfort and safety. Moreover – all Urban Arrow Family cargo bikes are equipped with the UL 2849-certified Bosch E-bike System, confirming that all components have been thorough tested to reduce risks and hazards, going beyond standard battery certifications.

Sturdy and Reliable:

The Family Performance model is equipped with sturdy and reliable wheels that are designed to handle the demands of transporting passengers and cargo. The wheels are built to withstand the weight of the bike, riders, and any additional cargo, ensuring a smooth and stable ride even when carrying heavy loads.

Comfortable Riding Experience

The wheels on the Urban Arrow Family Performance are paired with high-quality tires that provide excellent traction and shock absorption. This helps to minimize vibrations and bumps on the road, ensuring a comfortable riding experience for both the rider and passengers, even over rough terrain or uneven surfaces.

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