Tern GEN2 HSD P10

Tern GEN2 HSD P10

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Fundamentally, when buying any bike we are all picturing long days out in the sun, gentle breeze fanning us as we energetically pedal from breakfast to the beach. Perhaps we’re lugging a picnic to the park with our partners riding side-saddle, or maybe we’re cycling to the town over instead of driving to meet friends. Idyllic imagery is certainly what you’ll see in any mobility advert, from the car industry’s miraculous ability to make traffic disappear in TV promos to the holiday park adverts where the kids are behaving perfectly.

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Integrated security

Integrated security features cannot be taken for granted in making any e-bike rider more likely to choose two wheels over four. On the S-class they include an embedded electronic lock that activates when you park, as well as an immobiliser of the electronics. Models within the S-class even carry a piercing alarm with flashing LEDs to coordinate, should a thief try their luck. Thankfully I didn’t have to test that feature, so I’ll be taking Tern’s word for it that it’s there.


As with many Tern bikes, the HSD is excellent all by itself, but the crux of the concept is to accessorise the bike to suit your specific needs. Tern’s ecosystem of accessories is comprehensive and while we didn’t get to test any particular unit this time around, the options include seats to accommodate both children and adults, pets, groceries and all sorts of other cargo. Had I had some of Tern’s accessories I can only conclude that my brief test would have taken on some more experimental rides, yet as I’ll soon conclude, there were few short trips that did not see the HSD wheeled out.


Practically useful and inspired very clearly by having to live with cargo bikes, the HSD is now space hog, despite its capability. For starters, its no longer in its wheelbase than most standard bikes, in fact it’s shorter than some in my shed, so there’s no complaints of this cargo bike taking up too much room. Better still, it will pop up onto a set of legs that align at the rear rack, meaning you can stow it vertically without fear of it falling. It’s fair to say that this is an excellent and oh so simple design feature for practicality in urban living. But it’ll take a small amount of practice and a little strength to master the pop and balance.

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